About Us

We Teach to a Higher Standard

Our Mission Statement

We are Passionate about Teaching and Dedicated to the Next Generation of Caregivers.

Our Standards Are:

  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Professionalism

Here at The Caregiver Training Institute we believe in the following:

  • That all individuals are unique and valued.
  • That all individuals have a right to achieve the highest personal potential possible.
  • That all individuals have a right to learn and be successful.
  • That all students have equal access to education.
  • That the healthcare industry must be a cooperative partner in healthcare education.
  • That all students will receive fair treatment from institutions.
  • That all students are responsible for their own actions and learning.

Caregiver Training Institute, founded in 2008 by Julie Bucher, RN, is one of the largest OSBN-approved nursing assistant and medication aide education sites in the State of Oregon. The Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) oversees our training programs and is responsible for determining licensure and certification requirements. We are not nationally or regionally accredited.

Our focus is on the individual success of each student, and we promote the highest level of training to those interested in joining the medical field. Our classes are taught by enthusiastic and passionate instructors who train and guide the students to an understanding of how to give the highest quality care to people in need of medical assistance. It is our mission to train the next generation of caregivers and lay the foundation for the next generation of nurses.

In July 2023, Caregiver Training Institute became a division of Bryan University, a leader in the field of education. Bryan University was founded in 1940 and their focus is on offering educational pathways in fields of high growth to prepare students with the knowledge and professional skills that lead directly to promising careers in alignment with what employers and communities need. This partnership will allow CTI to offer expanded future vocational and credentialing opportunities for our students in support of Caregiver Training Institute’s mission and vision.