Medication Aide Training Program

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Further your career by becoming a Medication Aide! Medication Aide training is a stepping stone to achieving higher status in the healthcare industry.

Who is a Certified Medication Aide?

A Certified Medication Aide is a CNA who has had additional training and is authorized to administer non-injectable medications safely, legally, and accurately, as well as carry out related duties and responsibilities in healthcare settings.  CMAs prepare and administer routine medications to patients; stock and maintain a sufficient drug inventory to ensure adequate supplies; and document the administration and effectiveness of medications, taking note of any adverse side effects. In Oregon, Certified Medication Aides must complete an OSBN-approved medication aide training program, pass a competency examination approved by the OSBN, and receive CMA certification before administering medications.

MA Training Program Prerequisites & Eligibility Documentation


A job as a Medication Aide can be incredibly fulfilling and increase your job options in a wide variety of different work environments. 

Cost of Training

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Program Deadlines


Medication Aide positions are in high demand, offer flexible work schedules, comfortable working conditions, and can be financially rewarding.