Nursing Assistant Training Program Level 1 (NA-1)

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If you're seeking a personally and financially rewarding occupation, consider the healthcare industry. Healthcare is one of the few industries that offer consistent demand, stability, and generous salaries.

Who is a Certified Nursing Assistant Level 1?

Nursing Assistant Level 1 students learn the responsibilities, duties, and skills expected of a CNAs in the State of Oregon. Students will be actively involved in the classroom setting, skills lab, and will complete the practicum in a nursing facility in the community.  Upon successful completion of the program, students will be issued a Certificate of Completion and be eligible to apply for certification by competency examination with the OSBN.


NA-1 Training Program Prerequisites & Eligibility Documentation


Which NA-1 Class is Right for Me?


The affordable cost of training, low barriers to entry, and short-term classes are the main reasons many people choose to pursue entry-level CNA training as a starting point to a lifelong career in nursing.

Cost of Training

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Program Deadlines


Often people think it’s too difficult to become qualified to work in a healthcare setting because careers in the healthcare field have lengthy and expensive educational requirements. A perfect way to eliminate some of these obstacles is to start your career as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant).