Continuing Education Opportunities


We offer Medication Aide Faculty-led classes on-site and in a virtual Zoom class setting that long-term care CMA’s can utilize to meet re-licensure requirements, advance their knowledge, and enhance their overall educational needs.

Classes are also open to people who work in Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Foster Homes, and Residential Care facilities.

Content will target patient compliance with medication regimens, promote health professionals’ communication skills and disease management, as well as ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Medication Aide CEU's

  • Don’t wait until your certificate expires.
  • Caregiver Training Institute offers affordable MA CEU training.
  • The cost is just $20 an hour per CEU.
  • Our Medication Aide CEU’s meet OSBN re-certification requirements.

The number of hours required is pro-rated, depending on how long you've held your CMA certificate:

Months Hours
0-3 0
3-6 1
6-9 2
9-12 3
12-15 4
15-18 5
18-21 6
21-24 7
24+ 8


Please call the office during normal business hours to register for MA CEUs.