Caregiver Training Institute is located at:

12790 SE Stark St Suite 100
Portland, OR 97233

Phone:  503.257.0117
Fax:  503.257.0119

School Business Office Hours
8:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday


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Parking Lot Gate Entrance:

The Caregiver Training Institute is located in a gated business complex. The entrance to the school is on 128th St, and the exit is on Stark St. Students will receive an access code when they begin class. Visitors will need to pull up to the gate on 128th St and call the school office for an access code. The school's phone number is listed on the sign located at the 128th St gate. The curbs painted yellow in the parking lot are reserved for the Caregiver Training Institute students, staff, and visitors. The gates open automatically upon exiting the school.