Caregiver Training Institute Employee Spotlight: Lori Pollard, Registration Coordinator

Meet Lori Pollard, the Registration Coordinator at Caregiver Training Institute. Lori is vital to the success of CTI as she guides prospective students through registration and enrollment. 

In addition to guiding students, Lori also assists the Clinical, Facilities, and Student Services Coordinators with various tasks. Her role is especially important as CTI restructures its registration process. 

“Working in a team environment with supportive and fun co-workers is what I enjoy most about my job,” Lori said. “My supervisor also encourages challenges and provides guidance. I also enjoy assisting students through the somewhat cumbersome process of registration.” 

To stay motivated in her role, Lori keeps in mind that her contributions are crucial to the school’s success. “Considering the repeating deadlines of class start dates, the goal of maximum class enrollment, the public engagement and customer service, managing instructor scheduling, and creating Zoom didactic classes. The key to my motivation is the organization of my workflow.” 

Apart from her other duties, Lori takes great pride in expanding CTI’s social media presence. “I very much enjoy learning the processes of design and working with computer software to create meaningful content.” 

Lori said she also makes sure to practice stress management strategies outside of the office to mitigate any burnout she might feel. In her free time, Lori and her husband enjoy hiking. “We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country and take every advantage to meet and greet the sun when it chooses to appear.” 

Lori finds inspiration at CTI in her supervisor Nita, who gives the office staff opportunities to learn and grow in new skills and challenges. 

While she loves exploring the outdoors, Lori also finds joy in audiobooks. “My current passion is science fiction series books. Listening to a series allows a deeper development of characters and storylines. The performative aspect of audible books creates a closer meaning connection to the story.” 
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