Caregiver Training Institute Employee Spotlight: Traci Dawson-Butcher, Clinical and CPR Coordinator

Meet Traci Dawson-Butcher, the Clinical and CPR Coordinator at Caregiver Training Institute. Traci has been part of the CTI team for more than 10 years. 

Traci wears many hats in her role, but her primary focus is securing facilities for students to fulfill their clinical hours and coordinating CPR classes. That involves scheduling dates and times with students, ensuring all students have completed their clinical requirements, and helping students claim their CPR cards. 

Traci said her role at CTI combines education and the medical field, two things she’s always been interested in. She enjoys the scheduling aspect of her role and ensuring students’ experiences are as successful, productive, and enjoyable as possible. 

“The students are my inspiration. Many of them come from a very hard place, and to see them become successful and independent is astounding to me; often working through so many hardships,” she said. 

To stay motivated in her role, Traci said she reminds herself that everything she does is for the benefit of the students. “I just have to remind myself that everything that I am doing is for the success of the student and to know that once the student leaves CTI, they are on their way to a successful career in the medical field, and my hope is that this will improve their lives for the better.” 

In her time at CTI, Traci’s reached many milestones and experienced personal growth. It has also fostered a deeper admiration for those in the medical field. “I have learned to appreciate and respect those in the medical field and everything that they do.” Among her proudest accomplishments are optimizing the clinical process, organizing job fairs, and mastering numerous software programs. 

Traci is a true crime fanatic and was the Carver County Dairy Princess. In her free time she said, “I love reading, going on walks, and I love art (coloring, scratch its, diamond art, etc.) I also love solving puzzles and coming up with solutions to puzzles or dilemmas.” 

Traci said she’s thankful for everything she learned in her time at CTI, and she hopes to continue to grow. “I am very thankful for my time here and all the relationships and great friends I have made. I am thankful for the students and for them taking the time to share with me their culture, their beliefs and their dreams.” 

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